Is it okay to also put the post on my own blog?

Yes, of course! Do drop us a line and let us know if you’d like to do this. We can even link to your blog.

Do you pay contributors?

Unfortunately, we have no budget to pay. (In fact, we’re working for free ourselves).

Why should I send the hard-won fruits of my labour to you for free?

We like to think we offer something quite rare: an academic space more specialised than mainstream media publications — that means editors with specialist knowledge — but with a faster turn around and more flexible remit than an academic journal. We can then promote your writing on social media — and it’s all open access, so you can share it too.

We’re also a good place to review non-academic books and other items adjacent to what we might normally understand “modernist studies” to mean. For PGR and ECR writers, of course, it’s also good practice writing for a wider audience.

Do you peer review posts?

We will perform a basic fact-check and copy edit on all posts, but we don’t operate through a peer review committee.

We are, however, happy to work with you if you’ve not written a review, short post etc before and want some guidance.

How do I format my submission?

Please see our submissions guideline here.

Can non-academics submit?

Of course! You don’t have to be affiliated with any institution or even working on modernism in an “official” capacity to contribute.

What about image copyright?

The Modernist Review is hosted in the UK, so please check: if an image you wish to include is out of copyright, just go ahead and send it over. However, if there’s any ambiguity, please check with the source. We’re happy to help with this if there’s any confusion.

Helen and Stephanie